John and Kirsten of ilampe have been sweet neighborhood customers of mine for a while now and are such amazing people. They recreate fantastic lamps out of discarded ephemera and floatsom and jetsom and are some serious sidewalk junk junies. From their website:

"Please accept this short Catholic response: it's a sin to waste. Also we recognize the need for imaginative, well-crafted pieces that function as charismatic, unique lighting. We achieve our end result with chair bases, rolls of wire, dress forms (well, parts of), discarded lamps, fire engine plates, and other reusable scraps. Why let a perfectly good piece of garbage end up in a landfill when it can be repurposed?"

If you were lucky enough to get to Brooklyn Flea's Holiday Annex they've sold there and are considering more Flea-y events in the future. They also take comissions for lamps which is nothing less than (obviously, har har) brilliant!

Here's a few gems from their site:

I love the juxtapositions of elements, everything so elegantly industrial. Heartbreakingly lovely, made by people who truly love the vintage and repurposed lifestyle. Guess my secret crush on them is secret no more...

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