Make Music Festival

So, its six months away, and of course, nothing is anywhere near official yet, but Andy Durutti (of Loveless Music Group and Self Storage Recordings) and I are getting really psyched about putting together an amazing event for the Make Music New York festival.

The Make Music Festival takes place in NYC every year on the first day of summer, June 21st, which this year is a Saturday (hooray!). Inspired by similar festivals in Europe, on June 21st, the festival obtains and pays for permits for musicians to perform live for free on the street virtually anywhere that the permitting will allows.

Deluxa friends The Soundscapes have been participating for the past two years (and also have a great new album Freestyle Family--available at Deluxa!), and even did this smashing video which you have to see:

Looks really fun right? We're thinking of something like this, but bigger and with tons of our favoritest bands and all day long and involving the whole block...

Stay tuned!

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