More Pics from Deluxa Photo Shoot

Okay, okay. I just HAVE to share more of these pictures by Lorie Reilly. Be sure to click on the pics to see them enlarged.

Great shot of our store window.

Wall hangings, Deluxa. I love how the little girl has such a look of disdain. And as anyone who's been to my apartment can tell you, I'm a total sucker for crewelwork.

Wall hanging, lamp, chair, table, purse, pyrex, Eva Zeisel dishes, butter dish, drinking glasses salt and pepper, flatware, linens, vase, potholders, ALL Delxua.

Near and dear friend LG of Dead Leaf Echo (they're on our player on the blog! check them out!). Chair, typewriter, hat, shirt, corduroy jacket, Deluxa.

Agapantha jewelry and vintage jewelry, from Deluxa.

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