The Postmarks By the Numbers

By the Numbers is one of my new favorite albums an almost every time I play it in the store, someone asks who it is--which is always a good sign.

After meeting some friends maybe a year ago to see the Postmarks play Union Hall, I've been a fan. Their first album, self titled, for sure was great, and they sounded even better live, but what had most caught me from the show was one of the last (or the last?) song they did that was a cover. And it was amazing, Dreamer by Astrud Gilberto, which you can listen to on their site.

So when I'd heard that the Postmarks second album would be a covers album, By the Numbers, I got really excited, and they did not disappoint. They aren't shy about virtually rewriting some of the songs, or making them bloom in a different way than intended, which I think is why people in the store are always drawn to their music.

Some of my favorite tracks are You Only Live Twice, Nine Million Rainy Days, and Pinball Number Count. Something about the vocal style, while generally unvarying, is completely hypnotic. Its also perfect--OMG it just happened again, someone asked who is playing--music for a mellow vintage store.

Here's a video of their version of Blondie's 11:59:

Here's two videos from their first album:

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  1. Thanks for spinning our record! We'll stop in next time we're in NY.