Sophia's Sweet Spot

I stumbled on Sophia's Sweet Spot when I was checking out my blogger "followers" (all two!) and completely fell head over heels in love with her own blog and her work. Similarly to how Scott Hansen tapped into a certain vintage visual style, Sophia as wretched open a world of her own--and as much as Orla Keily seems to have taken over the world with her simple inspired (one note?) graphics, I think Sophia blows her out of the water.

Here's some of her works that she's posted on her blog:

Sadly, her etsy store is closed at the moment, which had a ton more of her work--but as soon as its back I'm purchasing this one of her mini works that at least used to be in her etsy shop:

I'm crossing and double crossing fingers and toes that it will go back up.

Funny enough, one of her favorite blogs she follows and updates on her page is of Eddie Ross who I worked with at Martha Stewart for a time (WORST. JOB. EVER. and I've had some bad ones). I had no idea that he had a blog, but I can't say that I'm surprised that it's so successful--walking into his Chelsea apartment for the first time was incredible! I haven't had a chance yet, but I plan on crawling all through his site as he's completely inspirational and catching up with him sometime soon.

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