Hey Jade!

I got this record in the store yesterday. Its the Beatles on Chinese vinyl, out on "First Record" called "Hey Jade". The record is warped and scratched, and the "sleeve" is really a piece of standard weight paper that has been sealed in plastic , and doesn't have a bottom to actually keep the record from falling out.

My favorite things about it though are the misspelled titles printed on the front including:

"Hey Jade"
"Sgt Peppers Clonely Club Band"
"When I'm Sixty Fonr"

The back seems to be a mash up of the lyrics copy from other record liner notes, copy pasted collage style.

I searched for any kind of info about the release, but it just seems so strange...

I've got it priced in the store at $50 to keep around at least as an oddity for a while. If anyone happens to know if its worth more or less, let me know!

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