Panda Riot's Loveless Music Group MP3 Mix

Over at Loveless Music Group, Andy Durutti has been posting MP3 mixes by some of Deluxa's favorite and featured bands. One of the latest by Panda Riot really caught my ear as super-duper-perfect for the Deluxa vibe: weirded out retro sounds, pop-y but credible, classic in sound but all great new discoveries.

Check it out here:

A mix by Brian of Panda Riot (who if you haven't checked out, you should--they're another mainstay on the Deluxa playlist)

1 Panis
Et Circenses.mp3
Os Mutantes
2 lights
The Mobius Band
3 Alpha
Boards of Canada
4 I`m
Afraid They`re All.mp3
5 High
Writer At Home.mp3
6 Untitled
(Shes Goin Bald).mp3
The Beach Boys
7 My
Ice Cast.mp3
Lucky Pegasus
8 Im
With You.mp3
9 Nin-Com-Pop.mp3
Lali Puna
10 Bread.mp3
On! Air! Library!
11 Led
Byrd - unknown song.mp3
12 Everybodys
Harry Nilson

Here's a link to all the blog mixes on LMG, including Ulrich Schnauss, Dead Leaf Echo, Auburn Lull, Slow, Manual, Winterlight, Monocle, and Rex Nexus. Whats great about the player on the page also is that it streams from playlist to playlist through everything listed on the page, so you can just start the first mix and listen for hours.

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