Bird and the Bee: Sweet Music, Serious Style

Belted tweed jackets with berets and gloves. Balloons in front of gymnasiums. Cloche hats. Shiny red cars. Hand clapping.

Vintage footage layered. Hair bows. Little girls in trapeeze dresses. Legos. Skipping. Midcentury modernism. Hair twirling.

Watch at your own risk. Reminds me of a show I used to watch in Italy that had dancing grandmothers and a large furry purple costumed character. Scary, but engrossing... I do love the silvery prom-esque background.

Can't find this video with higher audio, but adjust as necessary. The first time I watched this I thought the song was a bit overly long, but after a couple more listens its completely grown on me. Can't think of any other modern songs done on a clean piano with vocals that are anywhere as charming...

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