Wanted to share some awesome Sears products we've picked up in the last few weeks in store...

Gold blinging space heater, $35 (I'm using it right now [what's with it being 30 degrees in late March?] , this thing kicks butt.)

Silvertone solid state AM/FM radio. $19.

80's black and white television. I know it will soon be obsolete without the converter box, but I still couldn't resist as it reminds me of a television that my grandparents had that I spent many many many hours at... $20.

Amazingly cute bike with trunk, nice reflectors, rear view mirror, comfy seat; needs new tires and a tune up. $200. Don't be surprised if you see me going up and down Court Street on this baby though...

And for the prize jewel in the Sears crown--

Sears Silvertone 40XL guitar amplifier. Super duper tremolo and reverb sounds. Beautiful condition. Amazing design. Look at the fabric over the speaker! Are you drooling like me? I don't play guitar, but the design alone bowls me over, and the sound...the one time I heard it...it was pretty incredible and unlike anything I'd heard. $300.

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