Luxa playing the Octoraro.

Bernina and Belikin.

The ever-lovely Meg.

Me at Ben's Pizza on West 3rd St.

Vintage roller skates, in store or on Esty! See sidebar!

Super duper ridiculously cute application Poladroid that converts any of your photos to Polaroid like images. Download it now (free! yippie!) and be glad you aren't spending $10 a pack for film! It even makes the little whirring sound, and takes time to "develop". A nice touch too--you can choose when you want the pic to stop developing. So much fun to get a whole bunch going and arranging them around on the screen like actual Polaroids. Really, the coolest thing I've found on the internet since this.

Can't deny the tag line either: "The easiest and funnest Polaroid image maker". Word.

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