Wood You?

Just found this great site that I'm sure to be making great use of: Antique and Vintage Woods of America. Never fails that a customer will pick out the one wood piece that I'm totally clueless about and ask one of those you're-the-owner-so-don't-you-know-everything questions: "What kind of wood is this?" My reply is often some version of, "Minunno. But it's purty!"--but not anymore with this site! Just look at how gorgeous some of their shots of the vintage wood grains are:


White Oak


Heart Pine

Their descriptions of the individual woods are also quite lovely, like this description of White Oak:

Many believe White Oak to be America's most popular choice for wood flooring. It's easy to see why when looking at the characteristics of the wood, including a robust grain and brownish/tan color. It holds off the elements well because of its dense hardwood classification. White Oak is common to our area of NY state.

White Oak is as attractive as it is strong and stable, and was the choice for builders in early America who looked for a wood that could withstand rot and wear for many years as part of a home and barn. It was also the favorite of craftsmen in England for ships, flooring, cabinets and furniture.

If that isn't enough to get your fill of wood, I highly recommend the blog It's (K)not Wood dedicated to all things faux bois (fancy pants French for fake wood). Here's some of my favorite features:

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