Announcing Ilampe Designs at Deluxa

As longtime Deluxa favorites, I am so thrilled to get to share Ilampe's special one of a kind found object lamp constructions now available in the store. John and Kirsten's Ilampe designs are so beautifully executed mash-ups of hardware parts, doo-dads, thingies, and a serious dose of industrial elegance that I hardly can part with them in the store myself. There are only 3 designs in stock at the moment, but we're hoping to carry a few more, and to always have a few on hand.

Chemical Brothers. Pair of lamps with integrated Bunsen burner components. Perfect for bookshelves or bedside tables. $300, pair.

"Twisty" Fully bendable gooseneck desk task light. $120

"Schmidt". Table lamp with integrated Schmidt metal plate, $175.

All the lamp parts are brand new. All bulbs have been chosen for their special incandescence and light spaces beautifully. While they are made with specialty bulbs, they are widely available at lighting stores. Believe me, the special trip is totally worth it--one thing I have to credit Ilampe's John and Kirsten with, is teaching appreciate the subtly of good lighting, especially when it comes from a well designed lamp.

Check out Ilampe's website here. Also note that they do take commissions!

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