Luxa, Dead Leaf Echo, and Mark Van Hoen Playing MonkeyTown August 14th

Luxa is playing a show next Friday with Mark Van Hoen and Dead Leaf Echo at MonkeyTown in Williamsburg.

Mark Van Hoen. OMG. Mark Van Hoen. OMG. Check out this new write up in Jezebel.

OMG/MVH aside, I personally am really excited to play this show because we're going to be playing some new songs that I think are our best yet, and we're going to be reinstating our long-neglected visuals.

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out MonkeyTown yet, it is fantastic for visuals and for any kind of intimate performace. All the aucience seating is on low banquette style cushions while the performance goes on in the middle of the room. All four walls have visuals projected on them, making for a very enveloping/psychadelic experience (but in a good way!).

I've seen Dead Leaf Echo--who we carry in Deluxa, and with whom we are sharing this bill--play there once before, and have to report that it was quite a lovely and mesmerizing experience. Kudos to LG for the great vintage edgy (read: kinky) footage and beautiful ambient set. Here's hoping he'll have an experience for us this time just as entrancing...

PS. the poster image was taken from a vintage magazine in store--pretty fantastic pie, right?

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