Spotted! Same Glasses at Deluxa on Mad Men


I know I'm late to the party (I'm in the middle of season 1), but I am currently an official Mad Men convert. When Peggy was doing the twist towards the kinda jerky, but somehow mildly loveably jerky-boy, and he told her, "I don't like you like this," the deal was cinched and I was on board.

Anyhow, earlier in that very same episode, when Peggy gets her copy idea for lipstick approved and all the boys go to Don Draper's office to celebrate, low and behold what did I see!!!

lThat's right! My crystal silver-rimmed glasses!

$70 for a set of 16 glasses, in great condition, and they are beautiful beautiful glassware--clearly as the prop stylist at Mad Men can attest!

Get them here on Deluxa's Etsy store.

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