Vintage Banks

Although I'm pretty good about keeping my change in my change pouch in my purse--well, either there or in the bottom of my purse--the BF, not so much. Like the tooth fairy, he leaves quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies everywhere he goes. Whenever I find them, I get to say in my sing song voice, "Looks like the quarter fairy was here!" and then add the change to my morning coffee run change stash (which would be, as it should be, in my change pouch of my wallet).

Anywho, fairies aside, I was thinking maybe what we need is a fabulous bank for him to stash his change. Here are 3 that I found on Etsy that I marked as favorites for my shortlist:

Vintage House Bank at SpunkyGal, $28, to go with my Keystone Dollhouse

John the Triceratops bank, at KatsKuriosityShoppe $15

Silver Piggy Bank by Oystercatcher, $22

The part of me that grew up in the 80's is leaning towards the triceratops. I also have a really strong feeling that the smell of the plastic in it will be worth the nostalgia alone. The house bank would be a good compromise for having to sell the Keystone dollhouse, but then again the silver piggy bank is a nice minimalist modernist piece, which isn't usually quite my thing, but could help to anchor all the contrastinc colors and textures I've got in my studio. Hmm...

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