Have You Heard?

Polaroid has been adopted! On October 9th, the last batch of produced film passed its "use by" date, and it looked as if Polaroid lovers were going to be left high and dry. Luckily though, as many were hoping, the name and technology for the cameras is being licensed for production, and a group called The Impossible Project (totally worth reading up on these guys) will be producing film. It's quite and interesting story for what some consider an antiquated format while others consider precious. Read more here, here, and here.

Here's a few pics I pulled off the Flickr group, aptly named, "The Polaroid Pool":

Also, if you haven't seen Poladroid, check it out--we've got a bit of a wait until mid 2010. Here is a link to another post I did on Polaroids of plants, too. Lastly, we do have a couple vintage camera's in stock, including an instant film camera (that uses Polaroid film) that was produced for Tupperware and made by Kodak as a gift for their top Tupperware sellers. Super kitsch.

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