Left Over Design*Sponge Pics

Here's a few other photos from our shoot for Design*Sponge that didn't get picked up. Enjoy!

I knitted this bunny to look just like Bernina. (The one of Belikin is still on the way.) From a pattern by Jess Hutchison.

Detail shot of our dinette top. That's my favorite Ekco Eterna Canoe flatware there which I adore.

At last more pics of Eva Zeisel! That is my slowly growing collection of Red Wing Town and Country plates, next to Eva Zeisel Federal Glass "Lo-Balls".

The BF's wall-o-music.

This last one is my favorite shot of the entire shoot. In the back are panels from my mother's Mercury dime collection. The photos are both of my parents as children; the Spirograph set is one that is identical to a set I had as a kid. Some very favoritest books including Andrew Wyeth, Factory Records, and some of the excellent Ellen Lupton. The circular block art is from Sophia's Sweet Spot. The "pretend bunny" was bought on the street in Manhattan, long before we had any real bunnies, foreshadowing what is now quite the collection...

Check out the selects from Design*Sponge here if you haven't gotten a chance yet--we are still so super flattered that we got to share our home. Also, we've switched things up in our space since the shoot, and have moved the dinette set back to the sales floor, so it's available for $550.

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