Overflow Magazine

If you've been anywhere near South Brooklyn recently, you may have noticed a new free local mag, Overflow. I've read all three of the first issues cover to cover, and think it's a great source for local articles on everything from the Battle of Brooklyn to the beautifully decrepit building on 3rd Ave. and 3rd St to artist coops to local fashion. The folks running the mag are making a great contribution to our community, and really have their finger on the pulse of the neighborhood. I can't wait to see their new issues, and am thinking of doing some print advertising with them (a first!).

Anyhow, I was supremely delighted when I was reading my copy on the train on my way to the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show and got to the article "Recession Special" by Robert Dupree. I think his piece on dressing in supremely dapper duds from vintage stores in the area was ingenious, and creates some rather stunning looks. He also sweetly featured a black button up he got from none other than Deluxa--woot woot!

PS. The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, devastatingly amazing. Vendor after vendor with gorgeous showroom quality pieces. I could have been there all day. Verrrrry pricey, but most of it rightly so. I spotted a LV suitcase that was said to have belonged to JFK, monogramed and everything. $7500. Italian carmel leather handbag, $185. Flannel lined mandarin collar twill coat, $240. 30's print day dress, $380. Sadly, no pics allowed. :( Highly recommended though, and it's still going on tomorrow where you might be able to bargain for better discounts as the event draws to a close...


  1. kristen - good on you girl. that's all ive got but you know i mean every word

  2. Hello! This is Sam, publisher of OVERFLOW So glad you like the magazine--it's been really fun getting it started, and posts like this are real validation of what we're up to.

    We actually just (re)launched our website, with full archives of all our issues and a new (gasp!) blog.


    Keep up your good work in the hood too.