Cool Blog: .Speck

XYQ over with .Speck in Portland has left us a few nice comments through out the blog. She's got some great style and seems very much the West Coast Deluxa counterpart--great vintage furniture for sale, posts on design and interiors and whatever strikes her fancy. She even has Bill Stephens chairs in stock. I certainly look forward to keeping tabs on her blog and site to see what finds she comes up with and what inspiration she'll dole out. Just check out this bookshelf on her "about" page on her site:

Speck Bookshelf

Super cool.

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  1. !! Wow--thanks! I have a pair of Orange knolls that are an absolute wreck, too(aparently, Bank Of America used to have them in a seating area back in the day). I had six of them, but during my move, four were stolen--a bummer, but they were in need of love--so hopefully someone gave them what they deserve....

    anyhoo--thanks for the plug! I, too, shall be keeping my eyes peeled on your site--

    West ---> East: xoxo!!