Sold: Singer Featherweight 221K in White


It kills to have to part with this find, especially after testing it out post-tune up. Gorgeous, dreamy, mod sewing. I shouldn't complain too hard though, getting to use my grandmother's black featherweight with loads of attachments. I may prefer the white, but having two machines seems silly, and parting with a family heirloom would be sacrilege. Besides, Grandma Margene was a supreme crafter of the highest rank, and I am humbled to be working on her machine, despite the allure of the white.


Down to the gritty gritty here though: the case is in very good vintage condition, clean throughout and free of any major dings or scrapes. I am out of fabreeze right now, but there is a whiff of basement to the case. The machine, like I said, works beautifully, and is very clean save some small bits of aged dust in the hardest to reach corners. The cord is supple and free of cracks or fraying; the bakelite pedal is original and in very good condition. The light works, the motor hums satisfyingly. Reverse works great. Tension is right on. Also has the original white belt--rare! Featherweight aficionados recommend taking off the white belts and storing separately since they are a bit sought after.


Gizmo, who was recommended by the lovely girls at Purl, gave this machine a thorough going over, tune up, and clean bill of health (a $70 visit itself). Even he kept repeating over and over, "I love these machines, I love these machines." He even kindly unscrewed some of the paneling and showed me the "guts". Industrial chic indeed.


The well known indestructibility and ease of use of these machines is legendary. Also, if kept in good condition, it will only become a more valuable collectible. This particular machine was made in 1964, the last year of production. I also have the original instruction booklet, working keys for the case, and the receipt for the tune up. She's also got a brand new needle.


One last thing though is that the bobbin case is not original, I bought a modern replacement. Gizmo said the quality is not as good as the original, but what the eff is these days? It does work nicely though, and also set me back a pretty penny so I can offer this beauty as absolutely ready to sew up a storm.

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