Really Cute Packaging Idea

I read about is packaging idea by Mandi posted at A Beautiful Mess, basically sewing an envelope out of paper grocery bags. So simple and easy and cheap, and when it comes to packaging my items I've sold, I'm all about recycling, reusing, and cheap. And now it can also be super cute! Here are my results, where I didn't exactly follow Mandi's more intelligent method, because reading instructions after a project is how I usually work things.

IMG_2543 copy


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  1. That's fun--I worked in recruiting once for LAIKA and back when we were still receiving paper resumes and artwork, etc, this one person sent me an entire portfolio stitched out of a paper thin plastic material--I make it sound pretty hokey, but it was gorgeous!

    **wouldn't bubble wrap be fun to sew like that? For mailing fragile stuff?