Spike Jones' "I'm Here"

Apologies for the movie centric and merch andise centric postings lately, but here's another movie post. Anyhow, Spike Jones' short film "I'm Here", is quite an amazing short film (30 mins), and although it was featured on ISO50, it somehow seems to have escaped the rest of the blogging world, or at least the circles I run in. Regardless, it's charming, delving into the innocent romance of happy times, moments of devotion, and expressions of sincerity without a hint of triteness (my favorite line: "You're a good dreamer."). The cinematography is anonymous feeling, casual, and humble, while at the same time masterful and thoughtful. In all, it is worth watching. Plus I'm a sucker for a love story.

Lastly, I didn't really read this into the film until I read the wiki, but "I'm Here" is based on The Giving Tree, which while that may conjure mixed feelings for some people, the way the theme is woven into the film is more satisfying and endearing, and less unsettling than Shel Sliverstein's story, which is a good thing in my opinion

Check out the full movie, complete with cute interactive website here. Screen shots below:

I'm Here11

I'm Here 7

I'm Here 9

I'm Here 5

I'm Here 12

I'm Here 3

I'm Here 1

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