MyWiseBunny.com and Criagslist

As someone who spends way more time on Craigslist than I ever imagined in my wildest dreams, this site--MyWiseBunny.com--makes Craigslist much more user friendly and less of a wild west/jungle free for all of (mis?)information.

I haven't really trolled through the whole site yet, but going through the Brooklyn furniture section, it is amazing how it has a great thumbnail gallery with prices, and is listed by date. It even has expanded photo rollovers. For me, and for virtually all of my customers who've found me and shopped from me via Craigslist, using MyWiseBunny is going to be in the daily website visiting rotation.

Here is a screenshot of their thumbnail gallery for Brooklyn:

And lookie there! What a cute kids chair and desk set!

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