Summer Has Flown By

It's been a fitful summer here, with ups and downs--but looking back, mostly ups. The rough rainy parts were for sure a couple of downers, but the momentum of the Etsy shop, and some great mentions including Apartment Therapy and Abigail Goes Design Scouting, and the acquiring of some major D I Y skills, along with new distribution deals for the record label, and good shows for the band, and even a quick get away weekend has made it all for the better.

Now that its Labor Day though, summer seems to be winding down officially, and the one year anniversary is (unbelievably) coming up quickly in October, bringing with it mums and pumpkins and sweaters. Personally, I can't wait to be back in October, to be able to look back, but mostly to look forward to a new year, a new cycle, and another chance to go through it all again, but this time with more knowledge, more friends, more fans, and more style.

But for now, it's still Labor Day, and while I am sitting here at my desk with the store open, I'm going to be taking it easy and enjoying the moment of right now.

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